Town of Canaan

Doris Gearing, Town Historian
Phone: (518)392-5704

Canaan, New York, was founded by setters from Canaan, Connecticut in 1759. The town was founded in 1772 as "Kings District". The name was changed to "Canaan" in 1788. One of the oldest sections of Canaan is Frisbie Street, settled in 1770 by Gideon Frisbie, who emigrated from Canaan, Connecticut. Frisbie Street fronts what was once the Albany-Boston stagecoach route.

The Lace House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

12/31/22  The Red Rock Schoolhouse has recently been added to the the New York State and National Historic Registry of Historic Places!

Brigadier General Todd Traver
was guest speaker. 

Town of Canaan Memorial Day Celebration

Stoddard Field Memorial Day Event and Parade

New Concord Anson Pratt House.jpg

New Concord Anson Pratt House

Canaan NY Cottages at Sunshine Farm Queechy Lake.jpg
WL Speeds queechy lake.jpg

WL Speeds Queechy Lake

Queechy Farm House Queechy lake Canaan NY.jpg

No.949 The Old Queechy Farm House, Canaan, NY made famous by Susan B. Warner in books "Queechy" and Wide, Wide World".

Beebe Pond Canaan NY.jpg

Beebe Pond, Canaan NY Postcard

Canaan postcard.jpg
Canaan Hist Soc.Side by side before and after .jpg

Canaan Historical Society-restoration project

1919 public school canaan ny.jpg

1919 Public School Canaan, NY

picking apples at Berkshire Industrial Farm, Canaan, N.Y., 1907 - 1910.jpg

Picking apples at Berkshire Industrial Farm, Canaan, N.Y., 1907 - 1910

Canaan NY AQueechy Lake.jpg

Lakeview from Hinton's Point, Queechy Lake, Canaan Four Corners, NY

Public School Canaan ny.jpg

Public School, Canaan, NY

new concord ny.jpg

Concord Avenue, East Chatham, NY

Canaan NY, The Bell Boy Berkshire Union School.jpg

Canaan Four Corners, NY, The Bell Boy Berkshire Industrial Farm

Canaan Ny The Kettle at Queehy Lake.jpg

Canaan NY, The Kettle at Queechy Lake

Canaan Ny Berkshire Industrail Farm The Trolley Car.jpg

The Trolley Car Berkshire Industrial Farm, Canaan Four Corners NY

Street at Walker House Canaan NY.jpg

Street at Walker House, Canaan, NY



Echo Farm Cottages Queechy Lake Canaan NY.jpg

Echo Farm Cottages, Queechy Lake, 1906