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Austerlitz History Center Salutes “Pop” Sweet
New Exhibit Opens July 9

The Austerlitz History Center in Spencertown will open a new exhibit on the life and career of George R. “Pop” Sweet, the Famed Fiddler of Fog Hill, on

Saturday July 9 from 9 am-2 pm. The Sweet exhibit will remain on view for the remainder of 2022.

Sweet orchestra c. 1938.JPG

Pop Sweet orchestra, c. 1938, the subject of an exhibit opening July 9 at the Austerlitz History Center in Spencertown New York. Left to right: Arlington Race, John Doyle, Bill Grant, Irene Grant, Lyle (Bob) Bailey and George R. "Pop" Sweet.

Canaan Historical Society 2022 Events

CHS 2022 Summer Programs 6.8.22.pdf

Opening Exhibit set for
7/16/22 2 PM to 4 PM

Roeliff Jansen Historical Society Presents...

RJHS Home Front to Front Lines Display .jpeg

Past Events

12/5/21 Martin Van Buren
Graveside Service

Wreaths Across America

Pictured are Gary Flaherty, Pierre and Lisbeth Gontier

A wreath was placed on the grave of the very first Town Supervisor in Canaan, NY